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Unmanned Areal Vehicle

UAV for serius tasks, competition or plane fun . Every model is taken seriously and built with passion.

Drone kits

All drone models come as KITS.  Assembly service is available. Kits are put together as STANDARD or PROFESIONAL. For more flexibility there are ATF (allmost ready to fly) and RTF (ready to fly) options.
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Ground Station Control

Take control of your UAV with well built unit, giving you all the options.

GSC Types

Groundstation controls are made as DEDICATED or UNIVERSAL. Dedicated are made for use with pared model. Universal can be used with every Tarsier or genric UAV.
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Parts and Add-ons

Part kits, goggles, motors, props, FCU, custom made parts, spare parts. All available with us.

Parts and Add-ons

Parts are individualy sold as spare parts available to Tarsier model buyers. TARSIER FRAMES are available for purchase in entire model range. Add on equipment is available.
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Customers / Partners