Tarsier MINI

The MiniT is a 300mm fully enclosed AirFrame made entirely from the very finest Carbon Fiber and Aluminum. The MiniT boasts 2mm body plate armor and tube arms for a super strong and lightweight machine.

The MiniT was primarily designed as a fully autonomous fully equipped Mini Quad with onboard 1080p cam and DVR and up to 15mins of flight time. The MiniT payload capacity exceeds 1000g, which enables you to use a full size gimbal and gopro combination or a electromagnetic package drop mechanism all in a super small and compact mini quad.

The MiniT is designed from the ground up and like no other quad copter on the market.

The MiniT’s Fully enclosed design guarantees dust and moisture free electronics, access doors on top for the electronics and a fully enclosed battery bay. The Motors are housed in a protective carbon fiber motor mount with no exposed wiring ensuring protection and superb esthetics.

The MiniT has some key features which separate the MiniT from the rest of the competition.  The Airframe is equipped with Clean and Dirty sections to separate your electronics, Integrated Vibration Damping mount for the flight controller and 4 anti vibration platforms for other electronics, ESC cooling vents, Flush GPS antenna Mount and a Vibration damped intergrated Mobius or ccd camera mount. A secondary Battery door with a gopro gimbal and long legs is available providing a quick mount and release external camera system.




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