Tarsier Race X

The RaceX is a 250mm Racing AirFrame made entirely from the very finest Carbon Fiber and Aluminum. The Durable RaceX sports 1.5mm body plate armor and 3mm arm plate for a super strong and lightweight machine ready to tackle any situation you put it in.

 The Design is based on a classic naked frame but with some subtle key features which separate the Tarsier RaceX from the rest of the competion.  The Airframe is equipped with a Clean and Dirty sections to separate your electronics, Front and Rear lighting mounts, Integrated Vibration Damping mount for the flight controller, ESC cooling grates, Flush GPS antenna Mount and a Vibration damped action camera Platform for your Mobius.  Every Airframe comes with two sets of arms, one for 5” props and the other for 6” so whichever you prefer to fly your ready to go. 




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