Tarsier XL

The Tarsier Ultra boasts a completely modular design with a diameter of 1230mm. By using the natural properties of tubular strength we have created an ultra strong weather resistant and compact flight frame hand crafted from the very best Japanese Toray Carbon fiber and Aircraft grade Aluminum.

The Tarsier Ultra is equipped with a formidable propulsion system consisting of T-motor U8 PRO Motors, T-motor 2995 Carbon Propellers and T-motor FLAME 80 ESCs. As an option we can supply T-motor U10 and 29” 3 bladed prop where needed

The Tarsier Ultra is equipped with a quick-change redundant flight battery system (If a battery cell or whole pack were to fail in flight you will be able to continue to fly and land safely) consisting of four flight batteries (8S8P) operating at nominal voltage of 29.6Volts and a capacity of 27200mah. There is an optional 10S battery pack for those who require heavy lift operations.

The flight Batteries and ESC’s are arranged within the vehicle to create a perfect Center Of Gravity. Such a perfect system not only guarantees extremely stable flight times of over 1 hour but also generates incredible lifting capacities of over 10KG. 

The Tarsier Ultra in standard form is equipped with 32bit Flight Management Unit, Telemetry, Video and Control transmitters/receivers and two onboard 1080p Cameras allowing for completely autonomous flight. Options will be available expand and customize the UAV for your specific applications, including two types of Ground Control Stations, retractable landing gear, Heavy Lift and package drop options, Brushless gimbals, long range systems with Antenna tracking, HD Video Systems and even Thermal Imaging